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Lip Flip Botox

A thin upper lip or a gummy smile can make many people feel self-conscious. A Botox lip flip procedure can help relieve this procedure. Botox is an FDA-approved treatment for eliminating “smoker’s lines” and creating a fuller, more vibrant lip structure when smiling.

Lip Flip vs. Filler

Dermal fillers add a lot of volume to the lips, giving them a larger, plumper appearance. A lip flip with Botox can relax the muscles above the upper lip, giving the appearance of a fuller smile without plumping them.

Some of the benefits of a lip flip treatment in Atlanta include:

Upper lip appears slightly fuller
Corrects a “gummy” smile, conceals more of the gum line
Corrects “smoker’s lines” or “kissing lines” above the lips
Upper lip does not vanish when smiling
Offers very fast, natural results within a couple of days

Who's a Good Candidate?

Adults who have a thin upper lip and want to increase its appearance are generally good candidates for a lip flip with Botox. The procedure gives the lips a “poutier” appearance. Musicians who play wind instruments may want to avoid this procedure. The muscles used to blow saxophones, trumpets, or other wind instruments can be weakened by a lip flip.

How Does a Botox Lip Flip Procedure Work?

Patients will receive a topical anesthetic gel on the lip area prior to the Botox lip flip treatment One of our Board-Certified Dermatologists or Expert Injectors at Georgia Skin Specialists will then inject micro-doses of Botox into that muscle. Botox (Botulism Toxin A) is a neuromodulator that will disrupt the nerve signals leading to the affected muscle. When that muscle relaxes, it causes the lip to “flip” upward. This gives the appearance of a fuller lip, and effects usually appear fairly quickly.

Possible Side Effects and Risks

Possible rare side effects of a lip flip treatment in Atlanta can include soreness, redness, swelling, or bruising at the injection site. These are temporary effects that will resolve in a few days on their own. A lip flip can also make it more difficult to drink from a straw.

This procedure is not recommended for individuals who play wind instruments as it may impact their ability to perform. When the procedure is expertly performed, it looks completely natural. Those who want to add more volume to their lips or who want to change the shape or definition of their lip should ask about additional available treatments.



There is no downtime required after a Botox lip flip. Patients can go straight back to work or resume normal activities right after their treatment. However, we do recommend that patients take it easy for the first 24 hours. They should avoid exposure to sunlight, strenuous activity, and drinking alcohol on the first day.

Most patients will see a noticeable improvement in the appearance of their upper lip in about 48 hours. Because the lip muscles are used so frequently to smile and talk, the results of a Botox lip flip usually only last for about 8 weeks. The neuromodulator is broken down here more quickly than in other parts of the body. Follow-up treatments can be used to maintain the effect.

Contact Us for a Lip Flip Treatment in Atlanta​

The board-certified dermatologists at Georgia Skin Specialists in Atlanta can perform a Botox lip flip procedure for anyone who wants a fuller, poutier smile. Call our office today to schedule an appointment, or click below to book online.

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