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Eyes 101: Procedures 
eye procedures for younger looking skin


You are diligently applying your medical grade eye cream twice daily, you drink plenty of water, so why do you still suffer from under-eye circles and wrinkles? Sometimes we need assistance from some simple procedures to hit a true eye-area home run. Read on to explore the treatments our providers can perform to give you your brightest, youngest eye area. 

Concern: Crows Feet 

Eye creams plump and hydrate, but they can’t fully stop the motion of the muscle encircling the eyes from contracting and creasing crows feet into your lateral eye area. Neurotoxins like Botox and Dysport reduce the muscle contractions and subsequent wrinkles (“dynamic rhytids” or “movement wrinkles”) and smooth the treated areas for 3-4 months. Eventually, the movement wrinkles get ironed into the skin, so getting ahead of that with Botox or Dysport Crows Feet Treatments can prevent the need for more aggressive treatments in the future. 

Concern: Tear Troughs/Shadows 

Over time, many of us develop a shadowed indentation under the eye. We refer to that area as the tear trough, and it’s another cause of dark under eye circles that all the cream and concealer in the world can’t fix. Fortunately, we can safely inject certain fillers into the tear trough area to fill in the indentation, reduce shadowing, and give you the bright, smooth under eye you seek. 

Concern: Excess Under-Eye Skin 

When the under-eye area starts to sag, skin tightening is something to consider. Microneedling with Radiofrequency (Morpheus8) may be a helpful treatment to tighten up the skin and reduce the sagging appearance without undergoing surgery.   

As always, combining procedures with medical grade skin care products produces the best results. The team of providers and aestheticians at Georgia Skin Specialists are available to set you up for success for Eye Area Rejuvenation and help you find your Best Eyes Yet. 


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