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No Whey! Explore If Dairy Products Are Causing Your Acne
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Trying to bulk up might be breaking you out!

If you’re beefing up your protein intake with Whey Protein, a protein found in cow’s milk, you’re dumping fuel on the acne fire. Most protein shakes are rich in whey protein, and studies show that this triggers acne.

protein shake

If you are breaking out and consuming a protein supplement with whey, consider swapping it out for a plant-based protein shake instead and enjoy the benefits without the bumps!

Dairy products in general can worsen acne

Cow’s milk contains hormones, fats, and proteins that make your skin oilier and more prone to break outs.

What to avoid:
Yogurt, skim, and low-fat milks are the worst cow’s milk dairy foods for acne prone skin. Cheese can also worsen acne.

What to try instead:
Goats milk can be a good alternative to cow’s milk. In addition, people with acne-prone skin can opt for non-dairy options like almond or other nut-based milks.

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Clearing dairy out of your diet may help clear up your skin

If you struggle with acne, “moo-ve” dairy out for a month and see if that small change makes a big difference in your complexion.

Want to learn more about how diet impacts your skin health?

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